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56" Toshiba DLP HDTV


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Did anyone else get or attempt to get this TV on BF? I waited 6 hours in line for this item, and I thought that I would be WAY early because it wasn't a doorbuster and I have never had a problem getting any of the two day sales on Thanksgiving weekend. When I get to the TV section, it turns out that the store had two in stock...TWO!?!?! :eyepoppin Obviously, I was not happy about this but they did let me order it for delivery at the BF price. Wasted 6 hours outside, but got what I wanted so why complain. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.


Just a few minutes ago, my wife calls me and says that BB called and said that they sold more of these TVs than they had expected and I am not going to get my TV until the end of December at the earliest! Unfortunately, I am at work now and I cannot call them and express the emotions that I have right now in the way that I feel they need to be expressed. Has anyone else had this sort of experience/problem with BB this year for this item? Please post any experiences you have had with them, positive or what not!

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