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Hosts File Problem with GottaDeal


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First I just want to thank you for creating this great site. Its been very helpful in finding great deals, but I have one problem.I use hosts file to help block unwanted ads, annoying banners, hit counters, etc. And i have been noticing that my hosts files are blocking a lot of the 3rd party page counters, well i assume they are page counters, might just be affiliate links. Either way I was wondering if i can get a list of all the 3rd party page counters, so I can remove they from my hosts files.


So far i have:






After removing those all of the deal links appear to be working but I still would like to know all of the ones GottaDeal uses so i can remove them.

Here is a list of everything my host files are blocking:

(Since i dont have enough posts to use links, just search for MVPS Hosts File and its the first link)

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