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My friend bought me the Go phone, so I was not without, til I get my land line, but I hate the phone. It is Cingular and has a sim card. I know I can get another phone, but where besides ebay (hate thier price gouges) that I can get a good price. I would prefer a flip phone as to not get scratched up in my diaper bag.
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How much do you use it? If you use it for limited use, you might check out Tracfones. I got my daughter a flip phone from there for her birthday so she would have one in case she needed to call. DH and I both have them also (not flip phones though). Of course, none of us use them for lots of chatting...only for little use. If you go that route, the year plan seems the best way to go for us. If you'll be doing lots of talking, Tracfone wouldn't be the most cost effective choice for you though.
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