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Panasonic 42" Plasma--Price Match from CC


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Just got back from Sears and they gave me a price match on the 42" Panasonic Plasma $1199.00 without a problem. This is the HDTV model and not the EDTV that Sears is currently selling for $1299.00All they did was verify online (by going to Circuit City's webpage) that it was not a doorbuster and then they processed the sale. On top of that, as part of their price match policy I got 10% of the difference between their current Sears sale price of $1499.00 and the Circuit City price, which brought down the final total to $1169.00!!! I actually saved money by not going to Circuit City.


While I know Best Buy had the same TV as an doorbuster for $999.00, I would have had to have been in line by 5:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day to get one of those because the lines were so long.


Bottomline, I got a great TV for $30.00 less than Circuit City's price, did not wait 1 minute in line outside the doors in the freezing cold, nor did I have to wait the typical 1-2 hours in line once I got in the store. Not to mention a full night's sleep. :yup: :yup:


This is a great TV and very highly rated by CNet, Consumer Reports, etc. If you want this TV, Sears is your place.

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Any of you heading out late tonight to Sears should have no problem matching CC's $1199 price and getting 10% of the difference since it is a daily price. Some of us early risers were able to get this at the BB special 999 7 hour sale price + 10% of the difference this morning and some weren't depending on the store they went to. Doesn't seem fair....
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I wanted to post this link for everyone who purchased this TV:




According to the articles I read burn in should be less of a problem now than it was in the past. For the average user it shouldn't be a problem. Just be sure not to pause anything on the screen for long . Here is a link that describes this in more detail:




During the break-in period (first 100-200 hours) I have seen the following setting level recommendations in some forums:

Picture = 0

Brightness = 0

Color = -1

Tint= -4

Sharpness = -14

Just Mode - distortion of 4:3

Color Temp: Warm

Enhance Black Level:Off

Confirm Side Bars:Mid/Bright

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