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Samsung 42 DLP


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I tired to buy the Samsung 42" DLP online at 5:00am EST on Black Friday. circuitcity.com checkout wasn't working. It kept stating that the system was busy and to try later or call the 800 ordering number. No luck getting through on the 800 number. So after an hour of "red-eye" ordering, I gave up and went back to bed.


I woke up with one hour left for the six hour sale and I was able to get the online ordered processed by circuitcity.com. The email confirmation still hasn't arrived in my inbox but the 800 recorded message stated that all orders are being processed correctly.


I wasn't able to select to pickup, only the delivery option was allowed. I have to call Monday to arrange for the delivery.


On a brighter note, I was able to get a 32" LCD HDTV at Bestbuy. They offered a $899 Insignia 32" as a substitute for the Westinghouse advertised 32" that was sold out. The sale was until 11:00am on BF only and I paid $479.99, $8.00 CA recycycling fee, 4 year extended warr for $59.99, and 7.75% sales tax.

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