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Tanger Midnight Opening Report - Insanity


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I worked at the Tanger Outlet Mall in Locust Grove for three Black Friday's and NEVER saw it as crowded as it was tonight for the midnight opening. I arrived at 10:30 and was 41st in line for the $10 gift card. By 12:15, there was not a parking spot left in the front of the mall and everyone was either parking on the grass on in the employee parking in the back. They had to lock the doors at Old Navy because it was too crowded! They had 9 registers opened and the wait in line was an hour. Most of the other stores weren't nearly that bad, but still very crowded. Also...I guess the parking lot lights are on a timer because they all went out around one making the parking lot very dark and dangerous for pedestrians. Well...I just stopped back by the hour to report...I'm headed back out. Good luck everyone!
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