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Dell Laptop Deals?

Guest DigDoug

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Guest DigDoug

Does anyone know if there will be any good deals coming out for a Dell laptop? I'm looking for something comparable specwise and pricewise to the $500 Toshiba laptop I got on Black Friday from BB.



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Hey Ross did you get the $49 MIR yet? or did you qualify??



Specs are as follows


Inspiron 8600 Intel Celeron M Processor 340 (1.5 gh/400mhz FSB) 15.4 - in WXGA

512MB,DDR,333Mhz 2 Dimms

32 MB Nvidia Geforce

80 GB Ultra ATA Hard drive

24x combo DVD/CD-RW


Integrated 10/100 network card.


Intel PRO Wireless 2100 WLAN

& External Floppy


Oh and also got a kick ass carry case for $59 so the total on my deal was $856.00 and when I get the rebate my total will be $807


And its a Tax write off ta boot!!

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imgagesmom - I never bought a laptop, but I wanted to.


Ahhhh the way you were talking..... heheh


Figured you did. I had to finance it through Dell but Had to do it! Esp since it will be a right off, I also had bought a Dell desktop in July and ended up selling it for the same price as my laptop, and the desk top I paid $900 for, so all in all the lap top cost me $100 out of pocket, since I basically traded my desk for the lap heh

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Hm... I just bought a pretty good laptop during the black friday deals. But... I'm a little tempted to return it and wait and see if Dell would do another massive sale like the $750 off thing again. But that seemed like a one time thing. I usually see $200-400 off, but nothing more than that.


Still havn't decided... wait and risk it, or return the one I got. I really don't want to return my laptop since it's worth more than I paid for! And laptops with similar specs are couple of hundred dollars more!

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