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The SECRET to arrival times for BLACK FRIDAY!!


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Why arrive extremely early b/c of something you read about from someone in New York City for example?


Some states are more crazy about arriving early than others, but how do forum readers know what is best for them?


It makes sense that the more stores in an area, the more people will have other stores to go to. Use this thread to discuss


1-Your state

2-previous times of arrival,

3-how many people were waiting,

4-and how many of the same stores where in the area.



This will help greatly b/c some cities it could be 2pm Thursday and others 10pm![/b]

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We're in Canton, Ohio


DH arrived at Circuit City at about 3am and there were already about 25 people there. He did not get the laptop that he went for.


I got to WalMart at 4am - 24 hour walmart so I waited in line inside for the Game Boy for $49 I wanted a couple of other things, but had to choose which line to stand in... I had no trouble getting the thing I chose.


There is only 1 Circuit City in the area that I know of. There are about 5 WalMarts. I always go to the "least traveled" one - and the 24 hour one too!


This will be my first year to not be at WalMart. They have nothing to impress me this year.

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