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Can I find a better deal on XBOX 360


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I have this in my cart at Walmart for $569.29...should I order it or is there a better deal? Thanks for any help :)


Customer's Choice Bonus Bundle Xbox 360

Choose a BONUS Faceplate

(Microsoft Faceplate Hot Rod Xbox 360)

Choose a Game

(Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Xbox 360)

Microsoft Wireless Controller Xbox 360

Choose a Game

(Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII Xbox 360)

Xbox 360 Premium w/ BONUS Burnout Revenge Game Bundle

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The link I posted won't work right. GRRR...


Check out Gamestop.com


There's a 360 Pro with NBA 2K7 with free shipping for $459.98


Each bundle only comes with 1 game though.


There's a 360 Pro with Perfect Dark Zero Collector's Edition Tin for $489.96.


I guess it would depend on what type of game you would like it to come with.

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I got a Xbox 360 with a extra wireless controler and a play and charge kit, also xbox360 NBA 2K7, Xbox 360 Need For Speed Carbon for $522.95 delivered, and delivered within 3 days!

Click on the 10% coupon for Overstock, it will take you to there site, start adding everything you want for Xbox, and see what the price is. Walmart charges tax, that's $40.00 or $50.00 dollars alone, that's like another game. One thing- You must add a non-electronic to your cart, like a $1.99 water bottle or something to get the discount. It's not going to hurt to check it out.

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