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My Circuit City Shopping List


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Please feel free to use/ and or look over for corrections I may need. I do have a couple of questions near the bottom. TIA




My Circuit City Shopping List


*Save $200 when you sign up for Vonage


*Requires Vonage Hardware Purchase (Should be FAR)


*Compac Presario Notebook – 679.00 -280.00 Instantly -200.00 (Vonage) = 199.00 OOP

- 100.00 MIR = 99.00 + Tax after Rebate


*Free after Rebates wyb a Note book


1. Printer

2. Wireless G Router

3. Internet security 2007

4. Notebook Carrying Case


I am guessing could be as much as 240.00 OOP, but FAR


*3.2 Mega Pixel Camera Free w/ any Purchase 249.00 and up = Free w/ my Order


*10” Portable DVD Case

Reg. 24.99 Sale – 9.99 = FAR


*Samsonite Camera Pouch

9.99 = FAR


*Samsonite Large Camcorder Bag

19.99 = FAR


*GE Smart Media/ XD Picture Card Reader

Reg. 14.99 Sale - 9.99 = FAR


*Panosonic 2 Pack Double Sided DVD RW Disk for DVD Camcorder

Reg. 19.99 Sale - 9.99 = FAR


*JVC 3 Pack 60 min. DVC Camcorder Tapes

Reg 19.99 Sale – 11.99 2 MIR’s = FAR


*Spy Sweeper – Does anyone know if this is an upgrader Rebate?

29.99 – 20.00 MIR and 10.00 MIR = FAR


*Digital Inovations Vacuum

Reg. 14.99 Sale – 9.99 = FAR


*Sharp Teaching Calculator w/ Math quiz feature

Reg. 8.99 Sale - 5.99 = FAR




*Sand disk 1 GB Memory Card

Reg. 29.99 -27.00 MIR = 2.99


*Sandisk 1 GB USB Cruzer Mini –

Reg. 29.99 -26.00 Rebate = 3.99


Creative Web Cam Live

70.00 -30.00 MIR, - 40.00 MIR = FAR


*Registery Machanic

30.00 Free w/ Purchase of a PC

(I have to check if this is a Rebate, or just plain free)


OK Now my Questions…


Pg. 20 - Buy a Printer and get a D-Link 802.11 g Wirless Router FAR

- Can I get this since I am getting the FAR Printer w/ my Notebook purchase? Or do I have to buy another printer?


Pg. 21 - Buy a Wire Less Netgear Router Get Internet Security 2007 FAR

Netgear Wireless Router – 79.99 – 70.00 MIR = 9.99

----OK…I am already getting the Internet security FAR with the Notebook, so can I profit from this (or) get another Internet Security?


Pg. 17 - Photo Explosion

Reg. 49.99 Sale 44.99 = FAR wyb any Camera

----Can I get the Photo Explosion? because I am getting a camera but it is Free w/ my order because my order totals over 249.00


Pg. 24 - Nexxtech DVD+R

Are these FAR? I don’t think they are but I cant read the writing.


Pg. 17[/b] - What is this, Is it anything?

“Free Astraware Sudoku game CD Slim Leather case and Trial games”


OK The rest is just my DVD’s and what not…What do you guys think? Correct me on anything you can please. And I will update. I also hope this may help some of you guys.






I will also update with OOP and after all MIR’s = Final OOP

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