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*DEAD* Stackable $25 off $325 Dell Coupon (Dell 1703FP 17" LCD Monitor $274)


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Sorry folks...


I can't take credit in this. I stole this from s****deals.net. Seems hot. Didn't see this posted on here, but if it is...sorry.


Dell Home has a stackable $25 off $325 electronics & accessories coupon code 2XJ93FTTP2LJ96 Expires after 1500 uses.


Stack the coupon with a Dellf coupon (25% off PC Accessories or 25% off LCD) to get the best deals. The Dellf coupon thread might have some coupons posted by users. Thanks TheSfactor.


* Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Speakers $237

* Dell 1703FP 17" LCD Monitor $274

* Dell 2005FPW 20" LCD Monitor $574

* Dell 2001FP 20" LCD Monitor $574

* Dell 1905FP 19" LCD Monitor $446


What's cool is that I was holding off on getting the 17" Dell LCD. Now I think I will jump on this before the coupon expires after 1500 uses, which will be quick I'm sure.


OH, and please don't call DELL to see if this is legit. Some idiot broke the rule about not calling. :curse: I hope they don't cancel all orders.


The taxes for, Dell 1703FP 17" LCD Monitor $274, incase your wondering is:

Tax $19.20

Total Price $293.45

Least here in Florida it is, those of you who don't have to pay taxes online at DELL I envy! :tongue1:

...about to sumbit my order <crossing fingers>

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Saying that the coupon was already redeemed. Not good, not good at all. I might have to try calling them after all to see if they can give it too me.


Anyone getting this work? Maybe it's just me. I don't know, I hope I didn't just miss the deal of the century.

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I think I just missed it though because I had both coupons entered and placed my contact info/credit card number...everything. When I hit sumbit though, I kept getting an error. I always miss the hot deals. I even tried placing the order by phone, I didn't get anywhere. They told me Dell only accepted one coupon at a time. Took me like 10mins to find that out too, hard to communicate with these overseas people.
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My coupon was saved in my cart...I just tried it again, and it seemed to work. Here's what I got afterwards. It can still be cancelled, but who knows. I might have gotten it thru! wooohoohoo!


Order Details

We appreciate your business. We will send an Order Acknowledgement e-mail to akolozvary@***.rr.com shortly. As soon as your order has processed (usually within 1 business day), you will receive a second, final Order Confirmation e-mail which will include:


* Your Dell order number

* A confirmation of the final purchase amount that you were charged

* Your Dell customer number (for new customers)

* An estimated delivery time (the time it will take to both build and deliver your order)


After you receive your order number(s), visit My Account to track your order's status and manage your account online. Thanks again for your purchase.

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Woohoo, I just got the email. OH yeah!



I want to thank the mods (Brad ) for supplying me with the coupon a while back.


Order detail - order placed 2004-11-29 13:17:56


UltraSharp 1703FP 17-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor with Height Adjustable Stand Qty: 1

Unit Price: $399.00


Dell Home Customers: Save 25% off any Dell Flat Panel!

Expires on 2005-01-15 23:59:59 - $99.75








Dell Home Customers: Get free ground (3-5 day) shipping on peripheral items over $59!

Expires on 2004-12-02 05:59:59 - $16.00


Dell Home Customers: Save $25 on select Electronics and Accessories orders of $225 and more (before tax and shipping) purchased online from the Electronics and Accessories site.(affiliate only offer)

Expires on 2004-11-29 23:59:59 - $25.00





Sub-Total $274.25

Shipping Discount -$16.00


Shipping $0.00


Estimated Tax $19.20

Total $293.45

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Product Highlights


* Advanced design well-suited for environments where space is at a premium

* Less bulk, weight and depth as compared to CRT monitors

* Wide viewing angle allows you to view the screen from various positions without compromising image quality

* Clear, sharp images at a maximum resolution of up to 1280x1024 pixels

* Height-adjustable stand (up to 5.1 inches) allows users to set the monitor to their own comfort level

* Four USB 2.0 ports give users convenient access points to plug in devices such as keyboards, digital cameras, secondary hard drives and printers

* Analog/Digital DVI capability for crisp images

* Using a DVI graphics card with a DVI flat panel provides a seamless digital connection — the signal does not have to be converted from digital to analog then back to digital again

* Using DVI with a flat panel will result in better front of screen performance with crisper and clearer images

* ENERGY STAR® compliant and TCO '99 / TCO '03 power management compatible

* Dell-branded monitors undergo exhaustive testing for performance, reliability, durability and compatibility with Dell™ systems

* Dell-branded monitors are designed to our exacting quality standards and meet or exceed relevant industry standards

* Supported by Dell™ Technical Support when used with a Dell™ system

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