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Need $0.08 - $1.00 filler on Buy.com

Guest StockGangsta

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Guest StockGangsta

hey guys im trying to buy this - http://www.buy.com/retail/Product.asp?sku=202493897&adid=17662


its $29.92 , and i need my order value to bump up to $30.00 so i can get the $10off google checkout discount


:( im only off by 8cents lol


if you guys can help me find something real cheap just to have my order value to $30 , so i can get the 10 off google discount


Thanks Everyone :):D

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Guest StockGangsta

thanks medako :)


ohhh man , i just saw the charge shipping on some of thoose items , they dont even give the free 7=9 day shipping :(


lets see if we can find something free shipping ,


or you guys think if i call buy.com they will bump up the price for me ? lol

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