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Gift ideas for a firefighter

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Funny you mentioned this.. My DH is a firefighter as well. And i've been back and forth about what to get him. He has all the traditional plaques and blankets, shirts etc.

So i'm getting him tools he needs for his job. He wants a Gerber Hinderer Rescue and a leatherman, Surge. He's not into wearing necklaces or rings.. so thats out.

My DH's Cousins wife got her hubby a decal that goes in the back window of his truck. Very cool looking fire scene.

I guess I"m just gonna have him get his 42" plasma and be done w/it. :)

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my DH is also a firefighter.. ebay is a good place to search for ideas. so far this year i have ordered magnetic ribbons for his truck ("support our firefighters" with flames) and a money clip with a maltese cross on it. i also ordered a vintage fire helmet, its from the 70's. i've been looking for more, preferably older, but they seem to all be going for 100+ and i don't want to spend that much seeing as i want to get other things besides firefighting related. ebay also has many decals (DH has 2 on his back window, 1* and firefighters walk where the devil dances) and tshirts.


thefirestore.com has helmets, boots, etc. i'm ordering him some rocky paraboots (i think thats the name). the vanmark red hats of courage line is great.. but i don't know too many men who would get excited about collectibles, lol. those are mainly for my satisfaction :D hope i helped!

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my sister is all 3. lol.. shes a vol. fire fighter,,, works weekends for the police dept. and her main job is an emt(for now)

My dh is apparantly* thinking of transferring to a station where he will be all three in one day. Each for an eight hour period throughout the 24 hours.


*apparantly* he hasn't talked to me about this I got a call 2 days ago from the DPS saying he had applied telling me what all he needed to do blah blah...:mad:

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