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How popular will the 22 inch Westinghouse LCD Monitor be?


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well i bought my 22 before bf thinking of pricematching just in case i didnt get one and i didnt spend the night at best buy but i did get to my best buy around eight in the morning on bf and i found one well there were six of them they were on the high shelf away from the monitors and when i went to the shop i headed straight over to where i had seen them on wednesday and sure enough they were there and people didnt know about them till i got there i asked for one and one of the workers said they were for tomorrow and he asked the manager and he told him to give me one and as i was walking away this guy jump in my face asking me where did i find the monitor and i told him up there on a shelf so i bought mine and tried to return the one i bought full price that same day but they werent doing any returns that day so i went saturday to return it to give someone else a chance to get it i walked in and people were asking me if it was the one on sale and i said yes i told them i was returning it as i was returining it i asked if they would price match just because i was curious and they said no they dont in a little tone like i was going to argue with her and i said fine then she went to her manager and told him something she took awhile and i finally got tired and asked her if there was something wrong and she said no that maybe they could give it to me for the price in the ad i told her no it was fine igot mine yesterday for the 199.00 and i guess she was trying to help me getting it for the cheaper price im pretty sure they had to deal with people arguing about adjusting the price that when i didnt argue back she tried to help me well im pretty happy with my monitor and the picture is great we even saw a movie on it and it looks great im happy i was so lucky
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