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techno robodog?

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has anyone seen any sales on this. i have not and my dausghter has just informed me that this is the number one item she would like to have for christmas. yes and i just finished her list! do not want to pay $60 and have yet to see any sales. any info on deals or even reviews would be a great help!! because if i can get a good deal she may still be able to have santa bring her one!!


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Hi, Target has this on black friday for $30.00.

guess i missed that one! $30 is not bad at all! this may change my plans for BF! I'm going to have to go back and check the ads again!


Thank you so much!!!!:smirk:


bummer!:( not the dog my daughter wants but thank you anyways! i love how helpful you all are here on this site!

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