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Best Buy Round Two


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So my computer this afternoon says low disk space do you want to delete any files. So I take this a a sign that I must go get another hardrive after all the one I have is only 40 gigs and I take a ton of digital pictures. So we load our daughter in the car and travel over to Best Buy with my husband at about 7pm to see if there are any deals on hard drives left. There where about a dozen or so of the western digital 160Hd for $29.99 after rebate so I picked one of those up. Then see there are still DVD-R 50 packs left for the $2.97 after rebate so I pick up two packs of them. Then I see there are still two 256 napster mp3 players left and after playing with the one my husband got this morning I decided I need one two so we got another one for me and one for my brother for christmas for $29.99 after rebates. So I just got done filling out my rebates for Best Buy and Circuit City I ended up with

1 external hard drive 160 gb

1 internal hard drive 160gb

3 napster mp3 players 256mb

3 packs of dvd-r 50 in a pack


So I totaled it up I spent 758.92 and am going to get 450.00 back so it only cost me 308.92 for all that stuff. And with my dvd movie writer 4000 from ecost.com for $98.00 I think Im set with the computer stuff till next year.

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