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Full Moon This Morning at TRU!


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I was in line at Toys R Us (about 3:30am) with about 20 or so other people. We hear a car coming into the parking lot honking and a bunch of guys yelling. Of course we turn to look at car as it approaches us and to my shock I see a BIG WHITE BUTT plastered against the rear passenger side. I had to take a double look to make sure thats what I saw! This lady behind me (in her 50s I'd say-to my shock) yells, "If you were a real man that butt would be hanging out of the window-Too cold for ya!!!???". I never laughed so hard. Funny thing was they didn't plan it too well as I don't think they realized the way they came into the parking lot was the only exit too! They zoom by us (butt and all) and had to turn around at the end of the parking lot to get out, having to pass by us again. They came by us yelling, "thank you, thank you". I got my laugh in for the day!
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