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Had a GREAT first time Black Friday experience!!!


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Hey there...I had a great black friday experience...here's all the stuff I got:



Three 30-packs Memorex CD-R's - $9.99



Docker's Mens Golf Pant - $14.99 (actually they were the worst "golf" pants ever...more like casual jeans made out of slack material...I ended up getting a ~$16.99 beige slacks)

FREE Costco cookboox (cause we're executive members :cool: )



Black & Decker 7-cup Food Processor - $19.99 (actually they only had the 8-cup which was about $10 more but my mom agreed that she'd pay $10 and I'd pay $20 since we'll both be using it)



K-Hypermedia T-120 VHS 3-Pack Tapes - Free After Rebate

Western Digital 200GB Hard Drive - $49.99 (there were no more left on display so the guy went in the back and found one for me :yelclap: )

100 Pack Slim Jewel Cases - Free After Rebate (to put the 90 CD-R's I bought at CompUSA in)



Case Logic 128 CD Folder - $14.99 (After Rebate wasn't memtioned in the BF04 ads :squint: ) (to put my other CD-R's that I already have in)

CD/DVD Storage Rack (Holds 72 DVD's) - $14.99

Hershey Giant Candy Bars 9 - for $1.00



Hair Dryer - $4.77

Mens Faded Glory Carpenter Jeans - $7.77 (got about 6 of them all the same size but needs to be hemmed a little bit)


My mom got 4 candy bars at walgreens and got the batteries in the radio flyer wagon and got Buy 2 Get 1 Free scotch tape and wrapping paper (which wasn't in the BF04 ads :squint: and got batteries at OfficeMax and got a sweater (I think) at Kohl's...


Seems like I got more tho...I want to go back and get 50 Pack of 48x CD-R Discs - Free After Rebate (the Radio Shack we went to was out and we have one more around here) and I need to research the online prices for SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS Platinum (and Pro) at Circuit City...non-pro is $129.99 AR and Pro is $250...


Only thing was Best Buy wasted my time...at opening time they let about 150 in and stopped ppl from going in...then let a few more in and so on and so on and when I got in the $9.99 The Day After Tomorrow DVD was priced at $19.99 and there was yet ANOTHER line for computer stuff :rant:...they had blocked MUCH of the store off with that orange plastic "gate" looking stuff found at constuction sites to control the flow of traffic inside...how ghey was that!!! And the line was going even slower than the outside line...I decided to give up on the 160GB hard drive cause I couldn't see what if there were any left and it had already been a 6:50AM...almost 7 AM when other stores open...damn them!!! Ciscuit City checkout lines weren't long but they took FOREVER!!! Those were the only bad parts about the whole thing....oh yeah...took 1.5-2 hours to get our food at iHOP...lousy service...we think it had something to do with the kitchen cause the waiters were yelling at the kitchen like "Where's the eggs!!! This is the third time I've asked for them!!!"... :curse:


Well overall I had a great experience and will definately go to BF05!!! Waking up at 4:50 AM sucked tho...mom woke up at 5AM and we left at 5:30 AM...



C'YA :cool:


P.S.: Can you believe that the 4-5 places we went to that had Christmas cards for sale didn't have ANY cards with angels on the frint?!?!? WTF!!! Did card companies forget about the angles??? Someone think about the angels!!!!

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