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grandaughters first Christmas gift ideas ($100 limit)

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Ok, she is my step granddaughter... and I don't know even if I will have the privlige of being a "Grandma" by name to this lil baby. And she has a very large family that are going to be buying the baby gifts as well. I do not want to overstep, or over buy, but I am so very excited about this lil baby. I don't want the exwife to get mad( divorce was over 20 years ago) or feel anything bad. I just need some really good ideas that are not usually what other family members might get.
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The savings bond would be a great idea. Toys would be a hard thing since so many people will be buying those type of things. I love onestepahead.com they have some unique and useful baby items some are exclusive only to them. So if you do want to go the toy route, I would go with something from there like this http://www.onestepahead.com/product/91201/486756/117.html , this http://www.onestepahead.com/product/91201/1652/117.html, or this http://www.onestepahead.com/product/91201/296770/117.html.


They have lots of other things too depending on your budget. I have always found that if you want something of good quality that no one else will buy, this is the place to go.


Also, let me add that OF COURSE you have a right to be a grandma to this precious baby!! I am sure the mother would be thrilled. The more love a baby gets the better! :) It is so great that you are excited! And congrats Grandma!! :)

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I have 4 children and those 4 children have 6 grandparents, we have seen every gift under the sun. My favorites were:


A NICE jewelry box for the baby girl, she will be able to keep it forever.


Earrings that she can not have now (no diamonds for the baby to lose) but she will treasure forever since they are from Grammy.


Savings Bonds- they are good to have in any size and they always fit much better than the clothes we got. (45 outfits in newborn size is not a good gift)


Gift Cards- good for diapers, socks, toys or whatever the child needs (not so good if you think the parents will spend it on themselves-or maybe that might not bug some people)


Pampers gift certificates from pampers.com they come in a range of prices from 4 packs for $45 up to 96 packages for $879. They are great for any new baby and parent.

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