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When will the Ad's Be In the Papers


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Where we live we don't get the shopping ad's in the papers, even on Sunday's. Nor do we get the Walmart ad in the mail. This one get's me because we are 8-10 miles from a Walmart. My mom who is 20 miles from a Walmart gets the ad's as does my sister too who is around the corner from mom.


Anyhow, we have to go about 1/2 hr to get the paper that will have the ad's in it. Traditionally, it was that the actual Thanksgiving day paper had the sale ads. Last year though- it didn't have quite a few. My grandmother said there had been a few in the paper each night that week.


I love seeing the ad's here, however, there is nothing quite like having the ad in hand. Also, kind of need them to PM at Walmart. Anyhow, anyone know when the ad's might be out that week. Thanks.

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