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Green Bay Packers fan....

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My uncle's mother is 86 years old and originally from Wisconsin. She is a die hard packers fan. To the point that we all have a standing bet with her.. if they win any game, we mail her a dollar, if they lose, she mails everyone else a dollar. I would like to get her some little knick knacks, keychains, or some inexpensive type of memorabilia. (she will throw a fit if I spend more than $10)


Does anyone have any ideas, or is there anyone from the green bay area that might be able to pick something up at a local store?


Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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We've got Packer's stuff all over the place here. Anything from keychains, coffee mugs, hats, shirts, Christmas ornaments, whatever. If you want me to look for something, I can ship to you. I'm willing to do a displaced Packer's fan a favor. ;)


Check out the Packer's Pro Shop. They've got a good selection of gifts, but shipping will be on top of that.

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