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GottaDEAL Forum Rules


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Rule #1: This is a private site. All decisions the admins or mods make, whether or not they are exactly related to these rules or not, are final.

Rule #2: There is a reason for all actions taken by admins and mods. Please do not get upset or take it personally. If for some reason we take an action that involves you or one of your posts and you have a need to know why it was done, then PM one of us, however a response is not guaranteed. Do not post on the forums asking why something was done.

Rule #3: If you are ever harassed, threatened or made to feel uncomfortable, please PM one of the admins or mods immediately.

Rule #4: Absolutely no referrals or self-promotion of any kind are allowed on the forum unless specifically approved by an admin or mod in advance. This includes posting items for sale, links to your eBay auctions, referral or affiliate links, or asking members to sign up under you for something or vote for you or a friend/family member for something.

Rule #5: Access to the Lounge threads requires a specific number of posts and a certain amount of time on the forum. Once you meet these criteria you will be moved to the "GDers" member group and will have access to the Lounge.

Rule #6: Avoid re-posting topics that have been visited before. If you are in doubt, perform a search before opening a new topic. If it has been posted about before and you have more to add, feel free to bring the topic to the top by posting in it again.

Rule #7: Do not register simply to spam for your business, web site, charity, voting contest or similar endeavor. If you spam, you will be banned and we will contact anyone who may have hired you to tell them of your spamming. If you spam for votes, we will notify the contest organizer of your attempts.

Rule #8: Because many involved in the community also frequent the forums from work, threads that are risqué should be marked as “Not Safe For Work” or “NSFW”.

Rule #9: Do not solicit other members via PM. If you receive such a PM from another member, please forward it to an admin or mod immediately.

Rule #10: Do not post your e-mail address on the forum. There is no legitimate reason for you to need to do so and posting it will make it very easy for spammers to harvest it for their evil deeds.

Rule #11: Please do not discuss the various "cash back" sites. Those sites take commissions away from sites like GottaDEAL which are what keeps the site running. Use them if you want, but please do not discuss them and give them free advertising.

Rule #12: Do not mention or link to competing sites, including other deal sites or Black Friday sites.

Rule #13: If you have any question regarding the rules or any application thereof, please PM one of the admins or mods regarding the matter.

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