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NFL Replica Jerseys at JCPenney.com - $16.99


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For anyone who cares, the $16.99 deal for jerseys at JCPenney.com was for guys like Steve McNair and Drew Brees who have switched teams.


I just went and bought a Bryan Urlacher jersey which was priced at $39.99. However, when I put it in my shopping bag, it showed up with a $16.99 price tag! I tried it with a few others and they all showed the original price. But if you like Bryan Urlacher, or you want to try any of the others to see if a reduced price shows in the shopping bag, it might be worth your while.


BTW, the Urlacher jersey was on backorder until Nov 17 which still leaves lots of wiggle room before xmas.



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You have to put it in the shopping bag (and go through the order process up to the confirmation point -- obviously don't confirm the order if the reduced price does not show up) before the $16.99 price will pop up. I ordered the XX-large size. Don't know if that was the reason.
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Thanks for the great tip Razor!

Just today I was able to order 3 jerseys for Jake Delhomme Carolina Panthers, 2 XL and 1 L and the price changed on each of them to $16.99 in checkout making my total with shipping $66.00 which is less than I have been able to find them anywhere else. They were out of mediums but at least I got 3 Christmas gifts out of the way!


Kimberly :D

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After placing my order I noticed I had an email from JCPENNEY with a code for free shipping off of any order over $50.00. I called customer service and without any problem whatsoever they instantly applied the discount code: BIGSTEM to my account making my total around $55.00 for all 3 Jerseys!


Thanks Again,

Kimberly :yup:

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