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Black Friday or Super Bowl for TVs?


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Hello gang... can use some of your experience here.


In the process of finishing the basement and I'm on a mission to outfit it with all the new stuff (Stereo, TV, Media Center PC, etc). I have been thinking the best time to buy TVs would be in January before the Super Bowl. They typically hype that up pretty big.


So: Does anybody have any experience to share compaing BF deals to that of the Super Bowl deals? I know it may be only good stories but any advice would be appreciated.




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Short Answer: Black Friday


Long Answer:


I have read that Super Bowl Weekend is the best time to buy a T.V. (best as in cheapest). I doubt though that they took into consideration Black Friday since the best deals are in very limited quantities, and you have to camp for them overnight.


I'm assuming that they took the prices of all the weekly general sales and found that the week of the Super Bowl has the lowest prices.


So if you want time to hem and haw and compare, or want a tv not being used as a door buster, or just don't want to deal with insane crowds, you might consider Super Bowl weekend. Otherwise you should be looking to get a T.V. on B.F.

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