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best course of action for gameboy advance?

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The big "Santa" gift this Christmas for my oldest (almost 7) was going to be a Gameboy Advance SP, because it would be a great thing for him to have on our 4-day-long drive to CA, and since our move was going to take place near Christmas, the timing was perfect. I was hoping there'd be a great deal on them on BF like there was last year (and maybe even the year before that) so I was going to wait till BF to get one.


Now it turns out we're moving much sooner--we leave on the 10th of Nov. So I can't wait till BF to get one. My choices as I see them are to either look for some sort of deal right now, and if nothing else, buy it at the PX so I don't pay sales tax...or to buy one at a store that will hopefully have them on sale on BF, then buy another one on BF, and return that new one with the receipt from the one I buy before our trip. Probably not ethical, but I'd at least still get the cheaper price. That would only work if I guessed right and the store I purchased at did indeed sell them--and didn't bring in a special package or something--on BF.


A full-price gameboy is really WAY out of our price range for a "just for the heck of it" type of purchase. But it would also save my sanity for the drive, so I really want him to have it now and not give it to him for Christmas. So a great sale or something right now would be wonderful. I only need the system itself; DH has games and a few of them would be ok for a first grader.

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i bought a used own from ebgames about a year ago for about $60. It looked like new.

Yep, I'd try to find a used one with some used games to go along with it.


There is a rumor on here somewhere that walmart is going to have them on BF so if you do end up having to get a new one you might want to get it there. Good luck, our GB SP saved us on many road trips this past summer. Even if you do have to pay full price, it's worth it IMO. :)

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Why not find a used older style gameboy advance. They are much, much, cheaper, and then you could pick him up the newer one on bf? The games will work for both.

Another option is the Leapster, which is about $50 new, and has games built in.

Or, what about a portable DVD player? They will cost about the same as a GBA SP now, and then you could still get the gba for christmas. If you figure that you already have dvd's, it may be cheaper.


Just a few options, hope they help.

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Thanks everyone for the ideas...


I'm getting him the SP because of the backlit screen--so he can play after dark, since it gets dark so early now. But dh does have an old GBA, not the SP, and I may think about still doing the SP for Christmas and letting him just borrow dh's GBA, if it still works. It's been through two deployments to Iraq so I'm not sure if it's still working.


He has a leapster but has outgrown it. Apparently they're not all that cool anymore, lol, and he's not into those games as much as regular video games now. He's going to be lending his leapster to his sister (3) so she can play it. I've bought her two girly games for it so she ought to have fun on the road.


We were thinking of a dvd player, too, but one with the dual screens...bought on BF to keep it cheaper. I swear, this move happening sooner is screwing up our plans big-time, lol.


So the used ones still work ok? I wouldn't mind buying him a used one, I'd just be afraid there was something wrong with it.


If we wind up going full price, I guess we'll go with Walmart. We'll have to decide on all this soon though. We leave in just over a week! :)

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I just bought my son a used GBA from EB Games. It was $59.99 and in great shape. It does come with a guarantee for 30 days but the manager said if I had a problem he would take care of it. I was going to wait until BF but we also just took a long car trip and the GBA was a lifesaver for keeping my 5 year old DS occupied.


Hope this helps?

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