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Video Games from $1.96 at CircuitCity.com


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CircuitCity.com is having a video game sale with prices starting at $1.96. Shipping starts at $1.99 or is free on all orders $25 and up. Currently 194 items are available under $10, with the best deals mostly for older platforms and games.




Platforms include:

Playstation 2

Playstation 3



XBox 360

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Game Cube

Nintendo DS

Game Boy Advance

Also: strategy guides and electronic games

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The link might have been too long, because I encountered the same error. If you copy the link and paste it in your browser, it should work now. If someone can tell me how to make it work by clicking the link, please let me know.


Also, it looks like many of the cheapest games that were available last night are now out-of-stock.

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