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For the crafter in your life: Sizzix Coupon 60% off MSRP


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Okay, I have just started to really get into this site recently, and have not yet posted, as I never really thought I ever saw a great deal to share, until now. Please welcome me with kindness if I don't give you exactly what you need, but I'll do my best.


By the way, this would be a great Christmas gift for any paper crafter in your life, but time is limited...Coupon expires soon


I was looking for a Sizzix die cut machine on JoAnn.com today, and realized that they are listed as $84.99. It specifically states that you cannot use any coupons with this machine on their website.


So, thought I'd check out Sizzix.com direct and found this coupon. This is good for the most expensive item in your shopping basket. I only order one thing and it still worked.


Here's the notice posted on the website:

60% Off Most Expensive Item

60% Off the Regular Price of the Most Expensive In-Stock Item on Your Order.

To take advantage of this offer, use Coupon Code WM6298 during checkout through Monday, 10-30-06, 11:59 p.m. PT.


Offer applies to online purchases of in-stock items only at Sizzix.com for orders shipping within the United States (including APO and FPOs). Offer excludes the purchase of Gift Certificates.


Coupon may be combined with other online sales and special offers but only one offer will be applied to any single item. When multiple offers apply to an individual item, the lowest possible price will be calculated. Only one coupon may be applied per cart at checkout. Coupon cannot be used on past Sizzix.com purchases.


Anyway, for me, the Sizzix machine was in stock. MSRP was listed at $79.99 and with the coupon it's $32.00. I thought that was quite a good deal, and wanted to share it since that's even better than 60% if you count the going retail at JoAnn.com.


Happy Shopping!

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I'm putting my Sizzix on eBay in January...since it is being phazed out. That's why the Sizzix has them on sale...all the stores around here don't even sell them or the dies anymore.

Don't get me wrong I like my Sizzix, but I hate how you have to buy each set of abc's of EACH size...that is WAY to costly!!:(

I am getting the Cricut (made by Provo Craft, the same company as Sizzix) instead....WOO HOO!!!! It's done electronically, and you buy the Cartridges (which are cheaper than the Sizzix) and you can make ANY size you want.......from 1" -5 1/2" all with one cartridge...it's great!! I'm getting the Cricut for Valentine's Day hubby said...hee hee!!


:gd_soapbo Just a heads up about investing in a die cut system....I got my Sizzix about a year and a half ago, and I wish I would have waited.

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i got my cricut for christmas last year from my man it was on sale at our walmart for $100.00 that is the most amazing price i have ever seen. this is the greatest toy i have a day care so it gets lots of use. the cart. are a bit pricey but Micheals has gvreat sales and i keep my eyes open on line all the time i am going to joann online to see what i can get for it now. :D
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Where exactly do you input the code on the website? I've checked everywhere from the cart through each page of checkout and don't see a place to put a code...

This deal is from 2 YEARS ago, fwiw. So the code is most surely no longer available. Sorry

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