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Birmingham, AL: Galleria Plans Later Black Friday Opening


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Just an FYI!



BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- One local mall plans to start the biggest shopping day of the year a little later than usual.


In the game of after Thanksgiving shopping, the rules have changed. The Galleria will open later than normal for its Rocking Shopping Eve.


The mile stretch of stores that compose the Galleria will open later than normal on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Instead of 3 a.m., some of the 200 stores will open at 5 a.m. The mall will officially open at 6 a.m.


“The whole draw for Rocking’ Shopping Eve is that there are offers and discounts that are available for only this four-hour period. That’s what makes the people come and that’s why we’ve had 30,000 people here the last two years,” said Tracy Gatewood, the Galleria’s marketing manager.


In 2004, the Galleria opened at 1 a.m. Mall management said the change in hours has nothing to do with security. Under new owners in 2005, the doors opened at 3 a.m. and now 5 a.m.


Retailers like Macy’s didn’t open for the super early hours, so they won’t be affected, but K.B. Toy Store said it will cost them thousands and would rather keep it the way it was.


Shoppers remember the way it was, and some said the only difference will be on the clock.


“All those same people that were there at, like, 1 a.m. are just going to be there at 5, so it’s going to be a bigger rush of people,” said shopper Stephanie Hall.

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This kills me!!! Hallmark would have ornaments 20% off. I could get up and be in the Galleria for a couple of hours, get the body & mind going and then head off to the big box stores in time to get in line.


Worked perfectly for over 5 years..now :mad: :mad: :yuck::mad::yuck::mad:

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