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Need help with gifts for my 6 year old

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I got him a Hot Wheels Carry Case for his cars. Should I open some cars and put them in and wrap it. Or should I just wrap them seperate?


I also got him a binder with card holders and a couple packs of football cards. Should I put one pack in so he knows what is for or just wrap them seperate and stick them in his stocking?

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Is there room in the case to fit the cars still in their original packages? If so, how about wrapping a few of them and put them inside the case, then wrap the case? (Sorry, never dealt with this before-- youngest nephew is a train fanatic!)


OT, but... this reminds me of the Christmas I got my first CD player (remember the $99 ones, made like a Discman except had to be plugged in and kept level? LOL). We traditionally open one small gift each on Christmas Eve, and I could NOT figure out why I wasn't allowed to open one of those thin, square presents (the CDs) until after everything else on Christmas morning! :D:rolleyes:

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