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Some help finding some items please


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I am going crazy trying to find a few things but I need the best deals too ok First is a john deere pedal operated tractor with front loader and dump in the back Walmart has a battery operated one last year they had the pedal operated one for $99.00 they claim they don't carry it anymore second thing is the cheapest possible portable dvd player for a 6 year old for the car or hook up in his room the third one is kind of hard to explain its called a lil digger Sears carried these last year but it was to late to get it then when I looked back gone no more but its a metal seat that is attached to a pole that goes in the ground and then it has bulldozer attached to a control you know something for a child to play with in the yard sometimes you see them in playgrounds if anyone at all sees any of these items please let me know


thanks barb

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Walmart.com has the tractor. Above you can find the link.

Also, I bought my 3 DS's Portable DVD players for xmas last year from Walmart on BF. Fairly cheap and easy to use, and they are ages 5, 7, & 11

Not too sure about the last item.

Good luck with your search. :)

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Just sent you an email but Costco has the John Deere tractors you are describing, the pedal one front loader is $110 shipped but they have three pages of other ride on toys. Go to Costco.com, click on toys, click on ride on toys, they have alot, great gifts for the holidays or birthday! If you need any help finding them, just holler....
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