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An idea, not sure where it would fit


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My friend and I were talking yesterday about Christmas gift coming up, and how it would be cool to have a sort of registry website where people put what they want and tell their friends about it, and then they can go to a website and look at it, mark if its been gotten, etc. While a normal gift registry has you locked to a specific store, this would be a list of all kinds of different things, from different stores.


I dunno, its kind of a goofy idea, but I figured I could throw something together quick with some basic PHP and database stuff. But then I thought, what if the list of items actually had links directly to the product's page on a website, and if applicable had a click-thru tie in with a deal site or something?


Yeah, its Friday and I'm bored....

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interesting idea. it would be a lot of work, but it could work. the hard part wouldn't so much be designing the actual site, but populating the database with hundreds or thousands of products and links for each.


maybe it's somehting we can work on for next christmas.

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