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Help me find the best deal on 17" Inspiron


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Help me find/configure whatever the best deal on 17" Inspiron Notebook


I am having trouble with the Dell website on this rig I'm using so need a link to the deal or the E-value code.


I know there is 20% off $999 right now.(J2LPP883X25918)


I would like to get the Core 2 Duo processor...1g RAM and CDRW/DVD(or even DVDRW)




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Oh, my, I really need a new puter so I guess I will break down and buy one (on sale or not).


I have a Dell guy getting me a quote on this E1705 with the Core 2 Duo. I will let you guys know what I come up with.


<<watch them go on sale as soon as I buy...LOL>>

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I hope the Dell sales rep gives you at least a 20% discount, otherwise it's a COLD deal.

Yeah, he says the 20% off $999 coupon will apply.


But, of course, re-configuring with the Core 2 Duo processor (T7200) is gonna run the price up.


Wish I wasn't in a hurry and could just wait for the right sale + coupon but my main machine has blown the mobo and I am not spending another dime on it. I am using an antique I had in the closet right now.

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