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BARNES & NOBLE Black Friday discussion thread


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Official Barnes & Noble Black Friday Discussion Thread

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This thread is for all discussion directly related to the Black Friday ad for Barnes & Noble. It is also for the discussion of Barnes & Noble store policies, store hours, and any other store-related topics. Links to the Black Friday ad for Barnes & Noble will be added to this thread when it has been released.
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I've never heard of them doing sales. I know they usually have coupons sometimes for use in the store that are only good for like a week, (just used one that expired on the 8th) and they have bargain books and other items on bargain prices, but I've never heard of an actual Black Friday sale. Its always so busy there I don't get to go very often.
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I could have sworn there was a Waldenbooks/Borders thread here! :g_shrug:

I got an E-mail today from Waldenbooks saying:

After thanksgiving sale

Check your inbox tomorrow

for an E-mail with coupons

and our lowest prices of the season!


You probably can't use the coupons unless you're a borders rewards member. I'll let ya'll know tomorrow if it isn't all already posted!


I hope this is appropriate to post here?? (we all just want great book deals right? :yup: )

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I know it was posted in another section, but I'll post it here too ;)


Here's what the E-mail said:

This is for Waldenbooks/Borders/probably Brentano's


3-day sale Friday,Saturday,Sunday.

50% off: (no coupon necessary)

Barefoot Contessa at home

Stephen King - Lisey's Story

John Grisham - The Innocent Man

Mitch Albom - For One More Day

Nicholas Sparks - Dear John

Limit 2 per title per purchase.


TV on DVD, $19.99 each

(no coupon necessary)




Dark Angel

One Tree Hill

Select movie box sets are also $19.99


On Friday only, boxed holiday cards are buy 1 get 1 free.


There's a coupon for 40% off the list price of music box sets:

A Piano: the collection by Tori Amos

Sinatra: Vegas by Frank Sinatra

Perception by the Doors


And there's a coupon for a free small cup of coffee on Friday only.



I wanted their Manga to be on sale too :(

Maybe you'll have to go check out the store to see what kind of sale they're having on bargain books??

I thought I had heard that they always do a sale on them.

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My daughter wants me a small american girl doll which they have at barnes and noble. Does anyone know if they have any type of sale? Even 10% off would help.

Try Sam's Club. They have the 6 set of books and the mini-doll for around 35.00. Basically you get the doll free.


Another option is this coupon. It's good for 25% off 1 item through November 28th. If the link doesn't work, let me know and I can send you the e-mail.



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