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Physical Holiday Catalogs...is the Magic gone???


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Throughout the years, I've loved getting the holiday toy catalogs in the mail from Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, etc. I would hand them over to my son and he would literally circle or cut out everything he wanted.


Now that he's almost 13, I handed him the Amazon holiday catalog and he skimmed it and just pushed it aside. I tried to show him a couple of the online toy catalogs and he has like no interest. These days, he will send me links on Amazon on stuff he wants. He did get excited when the Lego catalog came in but that lasted only a moment.


I guess the magic is gone?

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I so remember that. It hurts, and I'm sorry.


The magic isn't gone, but it does change for a while. I'll tell you, when I could surprise my teen boys with something they really wanted but couldn't imagine they'd get, that was a whole new kind of magic!  Eventually, maybe, you have grandchildren and the old magic returns for a while. I sat with my youngest grand earlier today (he's 3) and went through the Amazon wish book page by page.

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It is definitely sad. Just have to make the magic in other ways doing special Christmas things. We usually try to take trips to different places to see decorated. Now I have 2 grandbabies and it helps it feels a little more magical with santa again 

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