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Did the app get deleted?

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Did the app get deleted or something? I couldn’t login for a week it wouldn’t let me. I finally got through here. I deleted the app thinking that was the problem but can’t reinstall it. It no longer shows in the App Store when I search it


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Yes, I mentioned in this thread a couple weeks ago that the app would be going away.


It's a combination of 2 factors. First, the customer service from the company that was responsible for the branded GottaDEAL app has become terrible over the last few years and I didn't want to continue that relationship and keep paying them for awful service.

Second, the new forum software upgrade is, at least in my opinion, better than using the old, outdated app for mobile users.


If you still want the app experience with a dedicated GD app you can visit the forum in your phone's web browser and then in your browser menu choose the "add to home screen" option and it will create a web app on your home screen with the GD logo and everything which can then be used just like the old app, only with more features - it even supports notifications. Or you can just use the forum in your phone's web browser with the same experience.

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