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CVS Summer Clearance

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Nope, my store only dropped to 30% off this past Sunday. And it was 25% off for way more than two weeks. They want to get every penny they can before the summer comes to an end, meanwhile all the other stores have been 50% off or more for a couple of weeks now and are getting in fall stuff. And it's not like CVS even carries great merchandise anyway -- it should be way cheaper by now.
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I went into CVS today and was waiting on a prescription to be filled. While I was waiting I was looking around and in this one isle a lady was marking stuff down so I went over to look at what she had marked down. What I found was the best deals I have found in a long time. I ended up purchasing 36 items and could have purchase a lot more my total was $17.94. The highest priced item was .74 and that was haircolor.


Here is a list of some for the item I got....


Hydrience hair color .74

Avent replacement nipples .46

Leggs panty hose .44

Mam pacifers .59

Huggies diaper rash cream .39

Glade air freshner candle .29

Playtex insulated sippy cup .49

Covergirl outline lipsick .73

Little tykes rattler .44

Kids2Grow teethers .44

Matchbox mini playset .49

Spa Scrub .62

Johnson&Johnson softcream .14

Suavitel fabric softener .34

Crest & Scope toothpaste .35

Therma coolers .49

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