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Deb's Clothing Store Clearance


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This evening I took my neice to Deb's because someone told me they were having a great sale. Boy they were right. We got 8 shirts and 2 pants for $39 total. When I got home I added what everything would have game up to full price and it came up to $180. :eyepoppin I would say that was a good deal $180 worth of stuff for $39. The pants alone were regular $35.99. Also they had prom dresses regularly priced over $100 for between $14-$25 with an extra 25% off. One women there was having her girls buy them now for next years prom.


Just wanted to pass on the savings to you guys.



Jenn <><

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Bumping up. I was just in there today and they had 50% off the lowest marked price on the ticket. They said they are getting rid of the mens clothing section entirely to put a plus size woman section in, so they had all their mens clothing DIRT cheap. I got my sister a south pole outfit (pants and jacket) for 15.00 and my fiance some southpole and phat farm short sleeve polos for 3.50 a piece. I bought myself a mens southpole coat for 10.00. It's definetly worth checking out if you have one of these stores in the mall!
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Not too far from me...are the prom dresses out? My daughter got asked to the prom as a sophomore so I better start shopping, soon!

Yes, they had a nice selection out this weekend when I was there. Don't know if they have anymore comming, but yes, they have a nice selection right now.

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