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Decathlon Rockrider ST50, 21-Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike 26" $84 (Was $348) + FS @ Walmart.com


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Fantastic deal from Walmart.com on this
Decathlon Rockrider ST50, 21 Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike, 26", Unisex, Red, Small
Now $84.00
was $348.00
Free Delivery


Ready to go onto the bike trails and need a Mountain Bike that is suited right for you. Our Decathlon Rockrider ST50, 21 Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike, 26", Unisex, Red, Small is designed for your first mountain bike ride in dry weather for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Recommended small Bike height S: 5'1" - 5'5". The Mountain Bike has a total of 21 speeds, making it faster with smoother transitions and pedaling. Riding comfortably is crucial, the Bikes frame position is raised having your back straight at all times. Having responsive brakes is key for a safe ride. The Bikes aluminum brake level design allows braking with only two fingers. Riding Mountain Bikes for beginners may be uncomfortable riding for long periods. Our Bike has an ERGOFIT saddle that is wide and has a shape of a hammock. With a tire size of 26", the tires will absorb any vibrations or shocks whenever riding over any trail. The Bike frame can hold a bottle cage, saddlebag, mudguard, stand, and pannier rack. We offer a lifetime warranty on the Bikes frame, stem, and handlebar.



  • The frame of the ST50 mountain bike is unisex.
  • Studied down to the smallest detail, with a fairly marked sloping (inclination of the upper tube), over a fairly wide range of sizes, the frame of the ST 50 mountain bike is not only light, but it is also versatile. 


  • 100% aluminum: the frame of the Rockrider ST50 mountain bike has been designed in aluminum to combine strength and lightness. Thus, your pedaling is more efficient.
  • Its "sloping" type geometry makes it easier to step over for both men and women.


  • The 80mm front suspension lets you overcome your first obstacles with peace of mind on slightly uneven trails. 
  • Its mechanical spring is a guarantee of reliability. Above all, the fork is easy to maintain.
  • For hardness adjustment? It is very easy thanks to a simple wheel.


  • This mountain bike has no rear suspension.
  • It is a so-called "semi-rigid" mountain bike: ideal for starting and getting started on your first mountain biking tours.
  • Faced with a "full suspension" mountain bike (with a rear suspension), the interest is simple: the mountain bike is lighter; you lose less energy on flat ground.


  • 3 plates of 7 speeds, that is to say, 21 speeds!
  • 2 rotating handles that are easy to handle. 


  • The saddle attachment (welded) of the ST 50 prevents any movement of the saddle during your ride.
  • And because your comfort is our priority, we offer you an exclusive ERGOFIT saddle, wider, with a profile in the shape of a "hammock".
  • Easily adjust your saddle height with the 350mm long, 29.8mm diameter steel MTB seat post.


  • Brake effectively thanks to the 2 V-Brake type pad brakes.
  • These brakes are made up of 2 calipers equipped with pads that exert a more or less strong pressure on the rim to slow down or stop the rotation of the wheels.
  • Thanks to the specific design of the ST 50's aluminum brake levers, only two fingers are sufficient to brake.
  • Check the wear of the pads once a year. If the streaks disappear, go to your store's workshop. 


  • With its lightweight 26-inch single-wall wheels, you can easily get started on mountain biking trails.
  • DRY 26 x 2.0 tires are the most suitable for hiking on dry terrain. The central part is very rolling, while their side crampons provide good grip in turns.
  • Obstacles, wheelies, skids, small jumps? For your safety, wheels with "double wall" rims (more resistant) will be more suitable.


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