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6-Piece Jay Leno's Garage Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit $19.88 (Was $36.39) @ Walmart.com


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Walmart.com offers the
Jay Leno's Garage Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit (6 Piece)
Was $36.39
*May be available for free store pickup or get Free 2-Day Shipping on orders $35+

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Jay’s 6-piece Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit is a convenient combination of everything you need to clean & shine your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This bundle pack includes our premium quality exterior detailing products including Jay’s Vehicle Wash, Quick Detailer, Tire & Trim Care, a 2-pack of gentle microfiber towels plus an applicator sponge. Jay’s Vehicle Wash is our go-to car wash shampoo when detailing the cars in the Garage. Its high-foaming formula helps to lift scratch-causing dirt & road grime safely away from the paint's surface. The non-stripping formulation makes Vehicle Wash an excellent choice for vehicles with wax, sealant, or coatings already applied as it will leave the protection intact while rinsing cleanly. Safe for use while washing in direct sunlight! Jay's Quick Detailer is our go-to detailing spray when cleaning up around the Garage! Formulated to provide unsurpassed slickness and shine with one easy application. This detailing spray helps to remove fingerprints, smudges, water spots & light dust. It's great for use on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, chrome & more. An excellent option to top off freshly waxed or sealed finishes. Exposure to harmful UV rays and other environmental elements can fade, discolor or even destroy exterior trim & rubber surfaces. Jay’s Tire & Trim Care is a versatile, water-based dressing that is designed to restore the appearance of rubber, vinyl and sun-faded plastic. Blended with high performance UV inhibitors, Jay’s Tire & Trim Care will help guard these surfaces from further damage. 51-9002 Jay’s Exterior Essentials Detailing Kit (6 items)
  • Jay's Exterior Essentials Kit Includes:
  • Vehicle Wash: A foaming car wash shampoo that is super-concentrated & PH-neutral
  • Quick Detailer: Our advanced polymer formula increases gloss & shine
  • Tire and Trim Care: that is scientifically engineered to produce a deep, long-lasting shine on rubber, vinyl and plastic trim
  • Foam Block Applicator: A dense block of foam used to apply dressings to tires and trim
  • Microfiber Towel: 2 soft and plush premium microfiber towels that will not scratch your vehicle's finish


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