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broken tv


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well as i explained in a different post, i ordered a 55 inch smart tv , and it arrived SMASHED .. hole in middle on screen side.. corners were so destroyed pieces of the box were even missing ,sides shredded ect.  

anyhow ,i contacted the place i ordered it from and sent photos. they had someone get back to me who had sent an empty email and then an email asking how i liked the response . so the a top dog lady contacted me . very nice woman . said i had every right to be irate and here i was the most friendly customer !

they did not have a replacement , as the tv was no longer available, but she found one VERY close that was just a little more and had an extra feature. she had arranged that they could send it for the price i paid for the original tv. ( i had ordered 4 TV's this year from them. this one for my son, the other 3 to be prizes for the graduates of 2021. ) anyhow...

at this point i decided i would wrap the broken tv and let him open it, also they would not have to do the express shipping to ship out the new one as i didn't need it before Christmas when giving him the broken one first .. as if a gag gift kinda thing. and then tell him the new one was coming and we are sending this one back.. the person bringing it to him pretended to fall and punch a hole through it (where the hole was already there) i cant upload the video ..i was going to post and show you all. his reaction was great!!!  LOL and his brother told him" look on you tube, you were able to fix your car watching you tube . maybe you can fix a screen"  

 anyhow off to print labels to return a tv and a  trade in i-phone upgrade. i wish i could post the video and share it with you guys!

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