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Symphony North - The Bell Ringer (TSO fans definitely check this out)

Gator Pam

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Members of Dream Theater and former members of TSO put together a Chr-stmas show several years ago they have been touring. I wanted to hear the music first before buying tickets to the show, but have been unable to find anything on YouTube prior to this year.


Due to the pandemic, Symphony North was unable to tour. So, first they uploaded a complete song set, played socially distanced from band members homes. I gave the set a listen, but like TSO albums, without the accompanying narrative, it just struck me as OK. In fact, while the musicianship is good, it doesn't seem as polished musically as TSO.


However, tonight Symphony North premiered a two hour narrated and illustrated story of The Bell Ringer, including all 22 songs. If you're a fan of TSO's stories, I highly recommend finding a couple of hours to sit and enjoy. We were able to watch on our large screen smart tv, which has YouTube without needing to load a browser. It's definitely worth a viewing.


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