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I have a question about BF...


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Hey there...this is my first time shopping on Black Friday...I made myself a shopping list thing...now for example let's say I am after the Sony DSC-T1 5MP Digital Camera at Sears for $499.99...will ALL Sears stores have this camera (IF they have it in stock) at this price??? What I mean is should I be suprised to run into a store that has none of these cool deals??? I can go over to my local Sears and expect to find all these cool things at these cool prices if they still have them in stock right???


Do these stores know about Black Friday??? Like what if I runin a crazy cashier person that says "Hey, this should be more expensive than this" or whatever...


Are these RUMORED deals or will all the OfficeMax/Sears/Walgreen/etc stores have the items listed as the BF price...


Anything else I need to know about BF??? THANX

C'YA :cool:

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Well, for the T1 @ 499.99...that is the regular price for the T1. You'll be able to find that price right now at any retailer. In fact, if you check out Dell's deals you will probably be able to get the T1 for cheaper than that before BF even starts.


BF deals will be the same at every store within the same company. You could go to any sears and find the same price. Stock is something completely different, they could have a couple or a bunch. If its a really hot item, usually stores like BB will say "minimum of 5" but unless your one of the first in line, you probably won't get one.


When going on your BF shopping, you MUST have a list with priority. When they have more of the ADs and lists of deals available, go through and make a list of what you want the most. Also, think out your strategy before hand. Stores open at different times. You may be able to hit up one store, finish your shopping there, and go over to another store before it even opens.


Stores know it is BF, it is the biggest shopping day of the year and literally kicks off the holiday shopping season. We spend the couple of weeks leading up to BF to get ready with store meetings, our own selling strategies, etc.

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