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Free Fabric for Masks from Ocean State Job Lot


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Visit any Ocean State Job Lot store to pick up your free fabric.

  • Most of the fabric is a high-quality cotton/polyester blend.
  • We have two sizes available:
    • If you are making one mask, please take a cloth napkin.
    • If you are making multiple masks, please take a tablecloth.
  • You will find a display set up in each of our stores where you will find the fabric.
  • We are limiting customers to five units of fabric to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. See a store leader with any questions.
  • We have enough fabric for one million masks! Some stores are giving away fabric very quickly, so we’re working to replenish stores as they run low.
  • *Please go through the checkout line as you would to make a purchase. The fabric will ring through our point of sale for one cent. This allows us to track the amount of fabric we are giving away. You will not be charged for the fabric.



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