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10 FISH for $10 @ Pet Smart (B&M) - STARTS 5/23/06


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STARTS 5/23/06


PetSmart B&M is offering their 10 fish, $10 promotion again!


Each of these fish are reduced to $1 (regardless of quantity) when using your PetPerks Savings Card (free discount card given out in their store).


Here is the list:


Algae Eater MD

Cherry Barb LG

Longfin Zebra Danio LG

Fantail Goldfish Assorted SM

Fancy Guppy Female

Red Mickey Mouse Platy MD

Sunburst Micky Mouse Platy MD

Sunburst Wag Platy MD

Marigold Variatus MD

Neon Tetra Jumbo


Get ready to stock those tanks!


Store locator:


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