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Food dehydrator?


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I LOVE my 3926TCDB.  We had a lot of fun with a Ronco unit (one of the round dehydrators that blows air from below), but, after using it for most of a year, I decided to spend some money on a bigger model with some features that make dehydrating less labor intense...

  1. Back mounted fan
  2. Dishwasher safe racks
  3. Timer
  4. Capacity
  5. Square trays
  6. Replacement parts
The back mounted fan blows the air evenly across all trays so that there is no need to rotate the shelves every hour.  This means I can actually sleep at night.  The timer allows me to put a batch in on my way to work.  Although spraying with Pam makes the trays pretty easy to clean, it's good to know you can throw nine trays in top rack of your dishwasher.  The back fan also means the bottom is a smooth surface which is easy to clean.  Maybe most important with a nine tray dryer, the back fan means that the smell of one tray doesn't become the taste of another.  Square trays are better for drying square stuff like jerky.  Excalibur sells stainless replacement trays.
Some stuff that may be of interest to you...
I am not aware of any deals at this time.
Happy shopping!
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Excalibur code BLACKFRI18 is live now.  Get 20% off anything over $100.  You can get a four tray unit with no timer for $103.96 shipped free!




I have this one...




Which would be $255.96 and the best price at this time.


Walmart has the same dryer with an opaque front door for $180...



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I bought my son (yes my 14 yo son) one on kohl’s last night. The cheapest I found was $30 at Walmart. I used the discount and it made it like $24 not much saved but every little bit helps.

did he like it? i think i got the same one.. and it didnt get here yet so i will give it for birthday instead.  but i dont want to disappoint if it is not good . i would rather return it and get a decent one.

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