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Hi Folks!


Just want to warn everybody to avoid any rebates from Inphonic.


They rarely honor them.

They resort to delaying tactics to make the rebates invalid.


I have burnt $200 with them...dont want anybody else to lose hard earned money like that.


I had submitted my rebates with all required documents on time 17 months ago, for a cell phone I bought.


After no response for 6 months, I followed up with them via email and phone. They just kept asking for one thing after another...like current phone bill, copies of all documents already submitted etc. etc. And I kept faxing them everything, as requested.


Seventeen months have passed, and when I called up last week, they said its been too long and now the rebate is invalid!!!!!!


I dont know what to do or say! I am furious!!!


I just want to drag these mean folks to court and get compensated for the time and effort I spent following up with these idiots...just to end up losing $200.


And I am not alone...during discussions with other folks, I realised I am not alone. A few people I know have landed in the same situation with InPhonic.

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