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Kodi Fire stick?

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Does anyone have one? Yeah or Neigh?

I see them online and spoke to a guy who said the online instructions to jailbreak them aren't current and they have specialized software.

FYI I did check these are not illegal (well in my state at least Massachusetts)

Thanks IF they really work it'd be a great gift for my adult son



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The person who told you that the online instructions were no longer valid only told you that so you would buy from them! I knew nothing about these until 3 weeks ago when I bought my 1st firestick. I installed my own Kodi... easily AND the instructions are out there! It was easier than I thought. Im actually pissed that people are making money off of others for this simple installation! I did my Kodi and installed a additional 'build' in a evening. The longest part was watching several Kodi installation videos to make sure I had instructions that were correct.

Search for "Kodi 17.6 beginners". Kodi 18 instructions are out there but it isnt ready yet.

I was told that the software is older or outdated that way. A fully loaded one is $70 online and that includes everything guaranteed

This is NOT true! You can do this with a little online help. It DOES NOT require any special software to install Kodi!
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