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Walmart Clearance


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Guest RedStateGirl
Hi all, I found some boots for my little girls who have been driving me nuts for some cowboy boots, they were marked from $17.94 to $5 a pair, also some energy packets that you mix with water for 75 cents. There were alot of good deals at my Walmart in Hiram GA:rwb:
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I was checking out yesterday and noticed on the wall behind the cigarettes(where a lot of our dollar stuff resides) there were trial sizes of the new Crest mouthwash and single rolls of Tums for .10(there was a lot of them too) They also had some other things for . 50 like Fault spray starch(small cans) and Static gaurd. The Large tubes of Equate toothpaste were . 25. Needless to say I stocked up. I try to buy things like these in bulk and take to our local homeless shelter.
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