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Best place to get 1-year contract on Cingular phone (family plan)?

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I'm looking to get a new phone for my Cingular family plan line (as my current one is not very good and is about to die on me). However my parents (people who pay for my service) seem not to want me to get a 2-year agreement (for whatever reason, I don't know why) but they would be fine with a 1-year agreement. Are there any places (online, instore, whatever) that have decent deals on Cingular phones available with a 1-year contract, since (of course) phones without a contract are rather expensive? Any advice appreciated - thanks!
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T-Mobile seems to be the only company offering 1 year plans. Everywhere else if you get a one year plan your paying more and getting a crappier plan. I just switched from Cingular to T-mobile. The Bonus to me is that it's only a one year plan and I can alwasy get a free phone if i decide to come back to cingular. :)
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