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Free Poly Plugs Sample Bag


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Poly Plugs are for Pest Control and Termite Companies 


"Termiticide Flex Plug System and Method" (Patent Pending)

The Poly Plug is one of the two parts to a more cost effective, user-friendly, and efficient system. The second part is an optional "T Handle Tool" used to counter sink the Poly Plug. The plug will support the wet cement patch materials for the termite treatment drill holes in concrete slabs until cured.

Two Added Important Benefits and Tips 

1. If termite treatment holes are drilled around exteriors of structures and rain storms should suddenly approach, Poly Plugs (closed cell material) can be quickly installed leaving them just above the top of slabs in order to prevent rain runoffs to enter drill holes prior to, or after treatment. After rains have passed, Poly plugs can either be removed for termite treatment, or, than counter sunk to apply patching materials. 

2. Since Poly Plugs are a closed cell material, they will not absorb moisture out of concrete patch. This will allow the concrete to dry evenly. A quick scuff over the concrete patch with your boot after patch has cured for 10 minutes, and the holes are almost undetectable. The plugs will be covered and not seen again.

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